Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stress relief.

9:22 pm 4/7/11

Well it's been a long time since I have been on here, so I think I will write some stuff. As I sit here, I have 5lbs of Sugo ( Italian for spaghetti sauce) simmering on the stove. Why so late in the evening you are asking? Well,our church is having a pot luck Saturday night for a youth choir that is visiting and singing in our church Sunday. They will arrive Saturday afternoon and, well as the saying goes, Lutherans are always looking for a reason to have pot luck, so WaLa.... LOL I volunteered to make the mostacholi. But WHY are you making it tonight you ask again?????? WELLLLLLLL

Work has been way to stressful lately, well actually all the time, so this weekend I am going up north with some buddy's to hang out on the Rifle river. One guy owns 20 acres and has a mini campground sorta thing going on there. We will cut a ton of wood and spruce up the grounds for the upcoming tubing season. What a way to kill the stress by going crazy with a chainsaw during the day and then sitting by the fire at night drinking a few beers and I will sleep in our van at night. There are a few other trailers on the land to sleep in...........So since I won't be home to make the Mostacholi on Saturday, there you go....

I have wrote enough I think......

Peace out and what is up with the gas prices?????????????????

P.S.... There is no more snow up there now, couldn't find summer ones.. LOL


  1. Hey little bro! Have a safe trip and a good, relaxing time! Yumm..I can smell that sauce simmering all the way over here! Making fugasa this weekend!!

  2. Yep, his sauce sure made our entire house smell good! Hey, I want some fugasa! But I bet it's for Easter morning, right? That's ok. I'll have some then. LOL

    Hope you have a great time, honey. You deserve a break from the stress of your job! I'll miss you while you're gone though. I always do. Love you!