Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fish tanks and more

I love my fish tank. It is or will be 4 years old this coming fathers day, hum, maybe 5 years old. ANYWAY, the fish you see are original fish and are survivors. I have 2 silver dollars named Pan and Cake. There was a third named E, but it swam between into a cave, got stuck and drowned. Yes fish do drown if they cannot move to have water travel through their gills. Enough fish 101. I also have one Blue Gourami named Stain. Long story on the name, one barb that I cannot remember its name and an algae eater named homey....They are fun to watch and they know when feeding time is. In fact, they are looking at me now because I am late on feeding them..

I have not been fluffing off today though. I Installed new lights in our church Library/sitting and meeting room this morning. Came home and cut the front and back grass with the beast. Debbie was bummed that I dare use "her" beast.. She said she missed it.. WOW

Now it is time to relax until we go to an anniversary party for friends of our tonight. Have a great weekend you all......

Oh and btw, I still have a full head of hair!!!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why did I bet what I did????

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I'm not sure i was smart in making this bet. I bet my fellow co-workers that if the Detroit Red Wings took the next 4 games and won their series against the San Jose Sharks, I would let them all take a turn and shave my head BALD, right in the middle of the production floor during lunch. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!! Holy skin head batman!!!! I love my wings and hope they win, but I don't know about this. I have to go to the store tonight and look at wigs... Yikes!!!!!!!