Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Relaxed and ready for the week.

Well okay, it is already Tuesday evening and the stress is back, but at least I WAS relaxed when I came home from my Lumber Jack weekend with the guys. I had a lot of fun, went crazy with the chainsaw, moved some dirt, built a little path over a small creek,drank beers, sat around a fire every night, ate and had a bunch of laughs.

Me and my Buddy John, who owns the property, sitting in what he calls "The Church". Here he is giving me a blessing

I enjoyed the drive up to Sterling. I am one for traveling alone. I love driving on the Highway, cruising at 70-75 mph all by myself. Gives ya time to think, think and think.....Stopped at a small road side Taco stand in Standish called Tonys Tacos. The best fast food Tacos up there. Good stuff...

froze my yangs off Friday night in the van . Well actually I had a heater in there but with the front windows cracked open ventilation, my nose froze.. LOL I think-it was 30 outside

Saturday night was warmer and opened the side vent window in the van this time and that saved my nose from the burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs....

Got slammed with a nice T-Storm Sunday morning. Rain, Thunder/lightning and hail the size of dimes and peas..Slept like a bay after i knew that I was safe..

Saw a bird .

Lots of trees..

The river was flowing too............


  1. I'm so glad you got to get away and relax honey, although I did miss you a lot while you were gone. Thanks to you and all the guys for cleaning the property and getting it ready for us girls to join you up there on the weekends during May through October! Smooches! (I love the photo of you in the "church," btw.)

  2. Love the coffee maker on the coleman stove! My kind of camping!! Glad you had a good time. The stinking stress comes back fast, doesn't it?